Nature Matters Academy helps kids develop critical thinking and self-regulation skills so they can turn any experience into an opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun.

All kids THRIVE in the right environment that builds their talents and interests. We provide a compassionate, engaging, and safe environment so they can learn how to thrive through outdoor STEAM activities.

  • We believe that kids are more capable than they know...

    or that we give them credit for. We guide and mentor kids to discover the world around them (and their place in it) through hands-on, real-world experiences. We build their confidence so they know their value and what they are capable of.

  • We believe in REAL experiences where kids are challenged to fail-forward

    We know that kids (and adults!) learn more from mistakes than from getting things right the first time. And as scientists, we know that "right" is a subjective term that means you're probably only learning to memorize facts or follow instructions. We create a failure-positive environment that empowers kids to grow in the face of challenges.

  • We believe that a child’s education should be as unique as they are.

    We are not your ordinary STEM/STEAM experience. So if ordinary is what you’re looking for, keep surfing the net. We think outside the box of traditional education by getting kids outside, having REAL experiences, and learning by doing.

  • We believe that extraordinary children can reach higher, learn deeper, and do better...

    with the help of a caring and patient adult. We create extraordinary experiences which attract extraordinary parents and teachers. We inspire smart, gifted, and twice exceptional kids to reach higher by engaging them in what they're interested in and teaching them to think critically.

  • We believe that critical thinking skills are vital to our kids' futures...

    and the best way to learn those skills is by doing - by solving real-world problems through fun projects and experiences. Through years of experience, we know that STEM/STEAM is the best approach for learning and practicing critical thinking.

  • We believe that self-regulation skills need to be taught and modeled

    So many of our kids are packed-full of potential, but they are often held back by a lack of self-awareness or self-regulation.  We have a unique approach that builds kids' critical thinking and STEM skills while helping them learn to self-regulate. Our smart, gifted, or twice exceptional kids will do amazing things in this world, we just need to give them the skills they need to reach their potential - self regulation is vital to their success.

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