Help Your Students Develop

21st Century & Social/ Emotional Skills

Through Outdoor STEAM Activities!

What is

Nature Matters ACADEMY?

Nature Matters Academy helps kids develop critical thinking and self-regulation skills so they can turn any experience into an opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun.


We offer teachers, schools, and out-of-school-time professions a variety of STEAM curriculum bundles for in the classroom, STEAM nature clubs for afterschool, and professional development on how to integrate outdoor learning.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the #1 skill that companies look for in new employees, yet so few kids graduate high school with these skills. We walk along side you to develop critical thinking skills in your kids so they can reach their potential.

Hands-On STEAM

Every lesson includes fun, engaging, and hands-on activities that kids and parents love! We build STEM/ STEAM skills and confidence through real world experiences where kids get to practice critical thinking to answer questions and solve problems.

Outdoor Learning

We think outside the box of traditional education by getting kids outside where they have ample opportunities to solve real-world problems, explore things they're interested in, and thinking creatively through challenges. When outside, every distraction becomes a teachable moment.


So many of our smart, gifted, and twice exceptional kids suffer from a lack of self-awareness or self-regulation. We use lessons and strategies to help kids learn more about themselves and how they can leverage nature to self-regulate.

Developing 21st Century & Social/ Emotional Skills with Outdoor STEAM!

Hands-On & Brains-On

"Nature Matters Academy not only provides inspiration to get outdoors, but it provides details to help make that experience positive and educational. Dr. Jenny is knowledgeable and creative. Her hands-on (and brains-on) activities are organized, thoughtful, and easy to implement."


-Heather Johnson, Pediatric Nurse

Learn WITH Students

" The Nature Matters Academy Curriculum makes connections for kids and builds their knowledge and understanding with each lesson. Students enjoy getting outside and learning. I learned a lot myself and loved getting outside with the kids.  


- Susanna Sprague-Harris, Elementary School Librarian

Higher Order Thinking

" My high school classes were able to experience the last lunar eclipse with an amazing set of lessons from Dr. Jenny. The students had the opportunity to use higher order skills such as graphing and questioning or hands-on skills to create a model. The students were very engaged! 


-Marie Booth,

High School Science Teacher

DR. JENNY Lloyd-Strovas

I'm a biologist, researcher, and educator.


I've been teaching science for almost 20 years. I've taught science at the university level. I've been a guest teacher in many K-12 classrooms. I've taught science for clubs, camps, and workshops. I've judged science fairs. I've taught science to homeschoolers... see the trend here?


I've been in the classroom long enough to know what works and how to engage most kids, especially when it comes to learning science.

Nature Matters Academy is fun, engaging, hands-on, and outdoors. Every student, regardless of ability, excels in learning when they're outside. Don't believe me? Download one of our lessons and find out!


Everything we do is kid tested and teacher approved!

The many FACES of

Nature Matters Academy!

Our EARLY LEARNERS focus on play and exploration while learning about nature.

Our ELEMENTARY SCHOOLERS build STEM skills & confidence while practicing social/emotional skills.

Our MIDDLE SCHOOLERS critically think through engaging questions with our activity extensions.

Our HIGH SCHOOLERS get to be scientists as they use 21st Century skills to explore the natural world around them.


Nature Matters Academy provides curriculum and programs for parents and teachers. It was built for kids, with kids.


It works well anywhere - in the classroom  (well, OUTSIDE the classroom), in out-of-school-time programs, and at home.

We're critical thinking. We're self-regulation. We're outdoors. We're STEAM. We're fun. We're hands-on. We're nature.


Real Experiences.

Real Learning.

Real Fun.

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