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Our Camp is the SAME PRICE as a regular summer camp, but we take a different approach to education - we make it PERSONAL & ENGAGING for each individual child!

This ONLINE Camp Includes:

  • 4 mini-projects
  • Critical thinking framework
  • Individualized learning experience
  • Weekly meet-ups & teaching
  • Opportunities to present their work
  • Weekly feedback on their work
  • Opportunities to ask questions

4 Week Online Camp Taught by Scientists!


Because of the personalized nature of our camps and the one-on-one attention each student gets, we have VERY FEW SPOTS AVAILABLE!

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Why a Camp for Critical Thinking?
Camps are typically a one-size-fits-all experience.

But the whole reason we enroll our kids in camps is so they can have a different experience from what they get in school.
In our camp, we guide students to think critically through STEM topics that they are interested in so they stay engaged and motivated while learning something new!
You'll get to see your kids applying their skills and strengths to broaden their learning experiences... all while guided by scientists who want the best for your kids!

When Your Kids Join Our


here's what they'll walk away with:

Game Changer #1

Critical Thinking Skills

We'll teach your kids a framework for critical thinking that they can continue to use long after camp's over! They'll have opportunities to practice this framework each week!


Game Changer #2

A Personalized Learning Experience

Kids love to learn when they're engaged in something they enjoy. We create engaging, personalized learning opportunities for each child.

Game Changer #3

 4 Mini-Projects

Kids will design and create their own mini-projects based on their strengths! They'll be practicing and learning STEM - sometimes without even knowing it!

Camp Details:

You can sign up for 1 of the following 4-Week Camps

  • Tuesday, June 1-22
  • Tuesday, June 29 - July 20
  • Tuesday, July 27 - Aug 17

Classes will be at 10am MT on Tuesdays. If we have more than 4 students enroll, we'll open another section at 6pm MT on Tuesdays.

Raising Critical Thinkers Will:

  • Give them the tools needed to reach their potential

  • Help them develop resilience in learning

  • Help them slow down & think through challenges

  • Give them a competitive advantage in their careers

  • What Kids Get Each Week:

  • 1 hour zoom class with a small group of students

  • Help designing a mini-project each week based on the weekly topic

  • They can submit a video question each week

  • They will receive feedback on their mini-project each week

  • What They Will Learn:

  • Weekly STEM topics are chosen by the students

  • During the 4-week camp, students will study their topic during one week, and the other 3 weekly topics will be chosen by the other students in the camp

  • Your child will have the opportunity to apply what they are good at (their strengths) to a variety of different topics helping them see that they can learn anything!

A One-Size-Fits-All Education Doesn't Work For Our Kids

For Only $497/child

...the same price as a week-long summer camp, we'll get your kids practicing their strengths while thinking critically about the world around them!


What Does a Mini-Project Look Like?

Students could create a diorama of their ecosystem to learn about local plants and animals.

We help kids design mini-projects that can be done at home with materials from around the house. Occasionally, you may have to purchase a few supplies.

Students might dissect things in your fridge to learn the names of the different types of fruit.

We help kids learn about the topics they are already interested in so they stay engaged and motivated during camp!

Students may learn about the differences between butterflies and moths, collecting specimens and graphing the different types!

Our camps are run by scientists so we have the expertise to help kids take their learning to a deeper level!

DR. JENNY Lloyd-Strovas

Like you, I'm a mom and I want the best for my kids...

the best experiences, the best education, the best childhood.

Perhaps unlike you, I'm also a biologist who helps parents get their gifted kids off screens, outside, and learning so they can develop their strengths while practicing strategies to manage big emotions or difficult behaviors.


Because when they're outside and practicing their gifts, they ARE getting the right experiences, a good education, and an amazing childhood.

And I think you would agree that...


Our kids are growing up in a world that's disconnected. They have unlimited information at their fingertips and yet they aren't given opportunities to apply that information in the real world - to connect it to real life.


There's only so much kids can learn from online programs.


Gifted kids NEED the opportunity to apply knowledge and solve problems, otherwise they become bored and disengage in their education.


Not only are our gifted kids missing out on opportunities to explore and discover things first hand, but their big emotions or challenging behaviors can be a huge roadblock.


They begin to question if they are gifted at all. Or they struggle with maintaining good relationships.


The  research shows that being in nature can help with all of these!  It can push gifted kids in their strengths and help them manage and even grow in their challenges


We just need to get them out there.


YOU can foster your gifted kids' strengths while giving them the tools to manage their challenges. And you can start that today by attending our training: The Gifted Kid Game Plan!