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DR. JENNY Lloyd-Strovas

I'm a biologist, researcher, and educator.


I created Nature Matters Academy because I wanted a high-quality STEM curriculum that would help my kids develop a connection with our naturehood - the nature we see everyday in our own backyards.


As I began implementing the lessons at home with my kids, I saw what a difference it made in their learning and attention. They were excited to do the activities and they were able to focus in a way they never could with books and worksheets.


Then I began hosting classes in my community where I found that kids with all abilities (ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, etc.) were able to learn and focus at similar levels with other kids. Nature calmed them. I saw that the kids who were behind in their academics easily matched (or even surpassed) their peers in nature-based classrooms.


Nature is a powerful tool for learning! That's why everything we do has an outdoor learning component and all our lessons can be done outside.


Now other teachers are providing Nature Matters Academy for their K-12 students and out-of-school-time programs. It's flexible enough that teachers can put their own spin on the lesson and help their students develop a sense of place. Teachers and students are loving the opportunity to get outside and practice STEM while learning about nature in their own backyards! And parents are loving the fact that their kids are outside too!


Nature Matters Academy provides curriculum and programs for parents and teachers. It was built for kids, with kids.


It works well anywhere - in the classroom  (well, OUTSIDE the classroom), in out-of-school-time programs, and at home.

We're critical thinking. We're self-regulation. We're outdoors. We're STEAM. We're fun. We're hands-on. We're nature.


Real Experiences.

Real Learning.

Real Fun.

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