Nature: the Golden Ticket to Happy Kids Who Become Balanced Adults


Reconnecting Our Kids to Nature, March 1-5 @1pm MT

  • Easy strategies to ground your kids in this crazy, fast-paced world
  • Catapult your kid's life to a happy & healthy adulthood using the power of nature
  • Give your kids the tools and support they need to reach their potential
  • Plan a week of academic nature activities in less than 10 minutes

Remember when you were growing up ...
spending hours outside, playing in the dirt.
No tablets or cell phones
It’s a different picture today, isn't it?
The truth is... kids need to be outside to grow up to be healthy and balanced.
But it’s also true that in today’s fast paced world, it’s hard to find the time, patience, and energy to make it happen.
In our Back to Nature Bootcamp, we help parents make a plan to get their kids back to the basics –  back to nature and what childhood should be –  all while practicing academics in the process.

3 Ways Our


will change the way you approach getting your kids outside!

Life Changer #1

Want your kids to find joy, peace, and meaning in this overscheduled world? I'll show you how with nature! PLUS, they'll be learning in the process.

Life Changer #2

You'll have a plan that will get your kids off screens and outdoors while also building academic skills. Which means NO MORE GUILT for online learning!

Life Changer #3

You know that feeling you have... the one that says nature makes our kids happier & healthier? You're right! I'll show you how science supports your intuition.

What Our Nature Parents Are Saying

in the Back to Nature Bootcamp

Jessica Manley

Mom of 2 Kids

Ashley Mertz

Ecologist & Mom of 2 Kids

Dawn Byars

Homeschooling Mom of 7 Kids

     You'll Walk Away With...

    A plan that will set a trajectory for your child's life a life that's simpler and full of health and happiness.

    Nature activities that fit your child's age, interests, and your local ecosystem! PLUS, I'll show you how to level-up these activities to promote academics!

    A way to reconnect with your kids and practice life-long learning together!


    We'll meet LIVE on Facebook everyday at 1pm Mountain Time with REPLAYS at 7pm (recordings available for 1 week)

    • Monday, Mar 1  –  NATURE: The Golden Ticket to Raising Happy Kids Who Grow into Balance Adults

    • Tuesday, Mar 2   Simple 3-Step Formula to Create Nature Challenges for ANY AGE in Less Than 10 Minutes!

    • Wednesday, Mar 3  –  Cracking the Code on Screen Free Fun – The #1 Secret to Raising Nature-Loving Kids

    • Thursday, Mar 4  –  How to LEVEL-UP Nature Time So Your Kids Build Academic Skills While Having Fun Outside

    • Friday, Mar 5  –  How to FAST TRACK Connecting Your Kids to Nature... Even if You Don't Know Where to Start

    DR. JENNY Lloyd-Strovas

    Like you, I'm a mom and I want the best for my kids...

    the best experiences, the best education, the best childhood.

    Perhaps unlike you, I'm also a biologist who researches what it takes to get kids off screens and outside so they're happier, healthier, and smarter. Because when they're outside, they ARE getting the right experiences, a good education, and an amazing childhood.

    And I think you would agree that...


    Our kids are growing up in a world that's disconnected. They have unlimited information at their fingertips and yet they can't name the tree in their backyard or the bird that nests in it.


    Our kids have online "friends" ready to heart their posts, but they have a hard time working in cooperative groups at school.


    Our kids spend 4-7 hours everyday being entertained by screens and only 7 minutes outside entertaining themselves. They are disconnected from nature, their community, and themselves.


    In addition to being disconnected, they are anxious. They are overweight. They are constantly distracted. They aren't thinking critically. They're easily offended.


    The list goes on. But, research shows that being in nature can help with all of these! We just need to get them out there.


    If we give them frequent and consistent nature experiences in childhood, then we can help them grow into happy, healthy adults.


    If we add a little STEM into the mix, then we're giving them the academic advantage they need to succeed in their future careers.


    YOU can foster your kids' health, happiness, and STEM skills by joining our BACK TO NATURE BOOTCAMP!


    Nature Matters Academy is a program built for families, with families.

    We're outdoors. We're STEM. We're fun. 

    We're hands-on. We're nature.


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