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in Nature's Classroom

Nature Matters ACADEMY

Nature Matters Academy is a K-12 STEM-based curriculum for getting kids outside and

learning about nature in their own backyards. Kids practice STEM skills and

build STEM confidence while developing a personal connection with nature.

Hands-On Activities

Every lesson plan includes fun, engaging, and hands-on activities that kids, parents, and teachers love! All the supplies you need can be found at home or in your classroom.

Outdoor Learning

We think outside the box of traditional classrooms by getting kids outside. In a classroom, distractions are a problem. Outside, they become a teachable moment.

STEM Opportunities

Our lessons build STEM skills and confidence, encourage critical thinking, and incorporate opportunities for kids to read, write, draw, and reflect on

what they learn.

Nature Experiences

So much of nature education focuses on ecosystems

half-way across the world.

Not us! Each lesson is designed so kids learn about nature in their own backyards.



BEST PRACTICES in Science Education

Ready for some nerd-talk? Our lessons are based in experiential learning, place-based

education, and social constructivism. In other words, our curriculum is designed so that your kids experience nature in such a way that they develop a connection to it. Plus, they'll learn a lot of great STEM skills in the process!

Lesson Plans

You won't waste your time prepping for our activities because our lesson plans are written for busy teachers and parents. You'll have 1 page with learning objectives, 1 page with instructions, and 1 page where we make the science simple.

Reflection Pages

We incorporate reflection into each lesson by providing nature journaling sheets. These sheets allow your kids to be scientists by guiding them as they record observations, ask questions, and write down new ideas for further investigation.

Nature Mystery

Each of our lessons begin with a question that we call the "nature mystery." The activities are designed so that the kids can answer the question at the end of the lesson. This is called guided inquiry-based learning and it gives you and the kids something specific to focus on.


Our kids are growing up in a world that's disconnected. They have unlimited information at their fingertips and yet they can't name the tree in their backyard or the bird that nests in it. Our kids have online "friends" ready to heart their posts, but they have a hard time working in cooperative groups at school. Our kids spend 4-7 hours everyday being entertained by screens and only 7 minutes outside entertaining themselves. They are DISCONNECTED from nature, their community, and themselves.


In addition to being disconnected, they are anxious. They are overweight. They are constantly distracted. They aren't thinking critically. They're easily offended. The list goes on. BUT, research shows that being in nature can help with all of these! We just need to get them out there.


If we give them frequent and consistent nature experiences in childhood, then we can help them grow into happy, healthy adults who want to care for nature. If we add a little STEM into the mix, then we're training them to be professionals who have the ability to manage our natural resources responsibly.


YOU can foster your kids' health, happiness, and STEM skills by using our curriculum, Nature Matters Academy.

"The future will belong to the nature-smart—those individuals, families, businesses, and political leaders who develop a deeper understanding of the transformative power of the natural world and who balance the virtual with the real. The more high-tech we become, the more nature we need.”

Richard Louv

The Nature Principle

DR. JENNY Lloyd-Strovas

I'm a biologist, researcher, and educator.


I created Nature Matters Academy because I wanted a high-quality STEM curriculum that would help my kids develop a connection with our naturehood - the nature we see everyday in our own backyards.


As I began implementing the lessons at home with my kids, I saw what a difference it made in their learning and attention. They were excited to do the activities and they were able to focus in a way they never could with books and worksheets.


Then I began hosting classes in my community where I found that kids with all abilities (ADHD, Autsim, Sensory Processing Disorder, etc.) were able to learn and focus at similar levels with other kids. Nature calmed them. I saw that the kids who were behind in their academics easily matched (or even surpassed) their peers in nature-based classrooms.


Nature is a powerful tool for learning! That's why everything we do has an outdoor learning component and all our lessons can be done outside.


Now other teachers are providing Nature Matters Academy for their K-12 students and out-of-school-time programs. It's flexible enough that teachers can put their own spin on the lesson and help their students develop a sense of place. Teachers, students, and parents are loving the opportunity to get outside and practice STEM while learning about nature in their own backyards!

OUTSIDE the Box of Traditional Learning

"My kids and I love Nature Matters Academy! It incorporates STEM concepts and allows the kids to explore and learn outside - outside 'the box' of a traditional classroom."


-Nature Matters Academy Parent

Builds LIFE Skills

"Nature Matters Academy increases respect for nature, encourages curiosity, and builds skills in the real world instead of just reading from a textbook. These skills encourage my kids to think, explore, and draw conclusions on their own. What great skills for life!"


- Nature Matters Academy Parent

Flexible & Relatable

"I love the flexibility that Dr. Jenny has incorporated into each lesson for teaching children of different ages and abilities. And I'm very thankful for the in-depth approach to learning about our own backyards and making it relatable to kids."


- Nature Matters Academy Parent

Meet our Team of NATURE LOVERS

These are the people who make the magic happen!


Founder, CEO,

& Mad Scientist

If you've tried one of our lessons, you know that Dr. Jenny has a passion (and MAD skills) for getting kids outside, practicing STEM skills, and developing a love for nature!


Graphic Designer

& World Beautifier

Have your kids have earned one of our buttons or worn one of our t-shirts? Those amazing designs, along with our logo and color scheme, come from this amazing artist!


Social Media Manager & Never-Ending Source of Cheer

Have you seen all the amazing content that we post on social media each and every day? That's all thanks to this beautiful and caring person!


Game Keeper

If you've met one of our education animals, then you can thank this guy. He keeps the animals fed and the accounts organized.

Enough about us... How about you?

Are you a family looking do to fun and engaging activities with your kids?

The one thing that all of our families have in common is that the parents have a desire to learn with their kids. That's it! You don't have to know anything about science or nature. All you need is the desire to learn and we'll cover the rest. Learn about our family program by clicking here or on the "Parents" tab!

Are you a teacher wanting to learn outside with your students?

If you're the teacher who is constantly doing hands-on, engaging activities with your students, then Nature Matters Academy will fit seamlessly into your classroom. If you're the type of teacher who keeps critters in their classroom so students can learn directly from the source, then our lessons will be a great addition to what you're already doing in class. If you're a teacher who wants to get your class outside more often, then we provide you with the tools to do so! Learn more by clicking here or on our "Teachers" tab!

Are you an out-of-school-time provider looking for new and engaging learning opportunities for your kids?

The very nature of out-of-school-time programs make them a great fit for Nature Matters Academy. I'm sure you have sports, dance, art, and even STEM programs for your students. Our curriculum provides a vastly different option for your programming. If you're looking for something new and engaging that your students are sure to love, then try out our curriculum. Learn more by clicking here or on our "Teachers" tab!


Nature Matters Academy is a curriculum built for kids, with kids. It's designed to work great in the classroom  (well, OUTSIDE the classroom), in out-of-school-time programs, and at home.


We're outdoors. We're STEM. We're fun. 

We're hands-on. We're nature.


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